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Hi, I'm Justin Anderson and I run the Joint. A little bit about me, I live in Colorado Springs, CO and am currently finishing up my senior year at Coronado High School. I'm unemployed so I do freelance art in my spare time to try to make some money on the side- you could call me somewhat of a "starving artist". All graphics seen on the site are original and made from scratch; even pictures of myself were taken by myself (good ol' timer on the camera). I like Jones Soda, the Green Bay Packers, and Finger Eleven (band), yipee.

I'm fairly dedicated to the arts. Besides the sketching/painting/graphic design I'm also a bit of a drama geek. I've been interested in drama for a while but havn't really had the chance to do anything with it until this year at Coronado with my role of Axel in "The Nerd" and some guy in "Ladder". You can also catch performances of all kinds at my coffee house up in Monument. Standup, singing, dancing, improv. comedy- all sorts of stuff.